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Indian Visa For Hungary Citizens

Indian visa for Hungary citizens has been available online. An online application form for all Hungary citizens who want to visit India. With this visa, you can stay for short/ long term periods like tourist, study, yoga program, and short-term courses. Those who want to explore the rich heritage and culture in every part of the state of India can apply for an electronic visa Indian (eVisa Indian) from our website, where our dedicated team will help you in every step of the online procedure.

Overview Procedure of an India Visa for Hungary Citizens

You might be attracted to travel to India because it's regarded as one of the world's most beautiful countries. However, Hungarian citizens must obtain a visa to enter India. We are here to help you with your travel documents. Additionally, you can apply for an Indian visa for Hungary citizens from the comfort of your home, and our knowledgeable team will handle the rest. Learn more about the Indian visa below.

Hungary To India Country Flag Image | India Visa For Hungary

Types of Indian visa for Hungary citizens

Here are the following types of Indian visas from Hungary

Tourist eVisa for India

  • 1 month/ 1 or 5 years
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Double and Multiple-entry

Business eVisa for India

  • 1 year
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Multiple entry

Medical eVisa for India

  • Valid for 60 days
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Triple entry

Medical Attendant eVisa for India

  • Valid for 60 days
  • 48-72 hours for processing.

How do I apply for an Indian visa for Hungary citizens?

You can apply for an Indian visa from Hungary with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to apply for an Indian online visa
  • Fill out the application form with all relevant information
  • Submit online document
  • After submitting documents, you have to pay visa fees on a credit/debit card
  • Then, wait for visa approval, or you can even check your visa status on our website page.

What documents do I need for an Indian visa for Hungary citizens?

An Indian visa for Hungary citizens requires the following documents:

  • You will need a passport that has been in good shape for at least six months and has at least two blank pages.
  • Fill out the visa application form, take several recent passport-sized photos, present proof of your travel, provide information about where you'll be staying, and ensure you have enough money to cover your expenses.
  • Depending on the type of visa and the reason for your visit, you may be required to carry a letter, travel insurance, proof of your work or school, and a medical certificate.

Eligibility criteria of an Indian visa for Hungary citizens

  • Every Hungary citizen can apply for an Indian visa.
  • Hungary citizens can enjoy the Indian electronic visa (eVisa Indians) program
  • Must have a valid passport and have proper documents
  • And passport-size photos with a blank background
  • Valid email ID
  • No criminal records
  • Must have financial, accommodation, and travel proof.

Is an India visa for Hungary citizens?

Yes, if you are a Hungarian citizen planning to visit India, you need to obtain an Indian visa. If a Hungarian passport holder, you must obtain a visa before traveling to India. You will have to complete the application forms, submit the required documents, and pay the relevant fees. The reason for your travel and the duration of your stay in India will determine the kind of visa you require. For instance, you might require a business or tourist visa.

Where can I apply for an Indian visa from Hungary?

You can apply only on our website page. Applications for Indian visas from Hungary can be submitted online. Our website facilitates the process of filling out the visa application form, uploading the necessary files, and making the online visa fee payment.

Can I get an Indian visa online for Hungary citizens?

Yes, you can use the website to apply for an Indian visa for Hungary citizens online. During the application procedure, you must complete the needed documents, upload the required paperwork, and pay the visa fee online. Following the submission and processing of the application, you will receive eVisa with an email. Before submitting an online application, it is crucial to review the criteria, confirm that the information you are receiving is correct, and confirm that you meet all the requirements. If you're facing a problem in the documentation part, you can freely email us ( ) to resolve your problem.

How long does an Indian tourist visa take from Hungary?

Several factors, including the kind of visa, the applicant's country, and the completeness of the application, influence the duration of processing for an Indian tourist visa. The processing time for an Indian tourist visa takes 48-72 hours, depending on the specifics of the application. However, if you ask for faster or rush processing, you might be able to receive your Indian tourist visa in a much shorter amount of time. This service will come at an extra cost, though, and it can shorten the time for your Indian tourist visa application to be processed.

How much fees for an Indian tourist visa for Hungary citizens?

Depending on the type of visa you have applied for and the duration of your stay, Hungarian citizens' payments for a tourist visa to India may vary. For Hungarian citizens, the visa fees of an Indian tourist visa generally vary from about to more, based on several factors such as the duration of stay, and additional processing fees. The current visa fee structure can be found on our official website, although these fees are subject to change at any time.

Do Hungary citizens need transit visa in India?

As long as they stay in the international transit section of the airport and avoid going through an immigration check, the majority of Hungarian citizens traveling via transit to an Indian airport do not require a transit visa. But let's say you have to leave the airport or have a protracted layover in India. In that instance, based on your planned use and duration of stay, it is advised that you obtain the proper visa before you arrive in India. As Hungary citizens, you should be informed about the latest regulations and standards regarding Indian Visa Requirements For Hungarian Citizens, as they may vary based on your specific situation. If you're facing any problem related to your Indian visa you can freely contact us, our dedicated team will help as soon as possible.

How can I get PR from Hungary to India?

India does not offer a direct PR program to the residents of Hungary or other nations. India offers a variety of visas and resident permits for a range of objectives, including labor, business, study, and extended stays. However, they do not invariably result in long-term residency in India. You must fulfill the requirements established by the Indian government to be qualified for a long-term stay or residency in India. These requirements can include, among other things, investment, employment sponsorship, or union with an Indian national. If you are a Hungarian citizen seeking permanent residency in India, you should familiarize yourself with the available visa program, their qualifications, and eligibility standards.

Is India cheaper to visit for Hungarian citizens?

India is frequently seen as an inexpensive travel destination due to its significantly lower cost of living than many Western countries. In India, particularly in the smaller cities and towns, you can find affordable accommodation, reasonable local transportation, and tasty meals. You can explore on a tight budget because historical sites, cultural events, and street markets typically provide inexpensive or free admission. However, the price can differ greatly based on your choices, the places you want to see, and the way you choose to go. Certain tourist locations, high-end lodgings, and imported goods could have higher prices. All things considered, India may provide fantastic value to tourists seeking a range of activities at various pricing points.

Frequently asked questions

Typically, there are several secure ways to pay for your Indian visa online. You can use your credit or debit card to pay your visa application fee when you apply online using our website.

Hungarian citizens were not granted visa-free entry into India. Generally speaking, they must apply for a visa in advance of their trip. Travelers who meet the eligibility requirements can apply online for an eVisa in advance and receive an email granting them entry into India.

Make sure you understand the visa criteria unique to your nation and the purpose of your visit to India to facilitate the process of obtaining an Indian visa. Applying online is simple. Before submitting your application, make sure to check it again for accuracy and completeness.

The duration of time it takes to process an Indian visa from Hungary is 48-72 hours to process an Indian visa. It is advised that you apply for your Indian visa well in advance of the dates you plan to visit and the instructions and conditions given on our website.