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India Visa Requirements

For overseas tourists, the Indian government has made it simple and convenient to obtain an Indian eVisa. An authoritative and thorough explanation of all eVisa requirements can be found on this page. It describes the types of e- visas available and the documentation that must be provided to meet the requirements for the eVisa. It also lists the paperwork needed for each eVisa category, including tourist, business, medical, and medical attendant. You can apply for an Indian eVisa online without visiting the closest Indian Embassy after you are familiar with the documents needed for an Indian visa.

You can finish this process at your convenience using a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. After that, you can bring an electronic copy of the Indian eVisa the Indian government sent you to the airport. No passport must have a stamp or sticker attached to it.

Documents Required Specific to Tourist eVisa for India

It is necessary to submit the following documents to the Indian Embassy to apply for an eVisa to India:

  • There must be a passport valid for at least six months from the date of the application for the eVisa, as well as two blank pages in the passport
  • The image below is of a page of the passport that contains the biographical information
  • Candidate's current photograph, passport-style
  • Credit or debit card to pay.
  • Recent email address to accept the authorized India Tourist eVisa

To enter India through the border entry points, you must present a printed copy of the Approved Tourist eVisa on arrival.

Photo Requirements

  • Format JPEG, PNG etc.
  • Size Mini.10 KB; Max.10 MB
  • The minimum dimensions are around 350 pixels in width and height.
  • The candidate must supply a current front-facing photo with a white background.
  • To utilize the passport image as your most recent photo, do not crop it. Upload a clear front-facing photo with a white or light background.
  • If the uploaded photo is not clear and meets the requirements, the application may be refused.

Documents Required Specific to Business eVisa for India

The following special documents are required for the Business eVisa for India in addition to the usual Indian Visa documents if you are travelling to India for business or trade:

  • The name and address of the Indian reference, as well as details on the Indian organisation, trade show, expo, or any other Indian-related event the traveller is attending.
  • The website of the Indian company that the traveller will be visiting.
  • Look at this letter of invitation from a corporation in India.
  • The visitor's website address and information from their business card or email signature.

The visitor will additionally be required to provide the following information if they are travelling to India to give lectures as part of the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN):

  • Request for admission from the institution hosting the guest as a foreign visiting faculty member.
  • A copy of the sanction order granted under GIAN by IIT Kharagpur, the National Coordinating Institute.
  • A copy of the course outline the visitor will take while working as faculty at the host institution.

Documents Required Specific to Medical eVisa for India

The following documents, which are unique to the Medical eVisa for India, are necessary in addition to the normal Indian Visa paperwork if you are travelling to India as a patient to receive medical treatment from an Indian hospital:

  • A duplicate of a letter from the Indian hospital where the visitor would be receiving treatment, written on the hospital's official letterhead.
  • Additionally, the visitor would be expected to respond to any inquiries regarding the Indian Hospital they would visit.

Documents Required Specific to Medical Attendant eVisa for India.

In addition to the general Indian Visa documents needed, you will also need the following paperwork if you are travelling to India as a family member travelling with a patient who is seeking medical treatment from an Indian hospital:

  • The name of the patient who needs to be a Medical Visa holder.
  • The medical visa holder's application ID or Indian eVisa number.
  • Information like the medical visa holder's passport number, birth date, and nationality.

You should be able to apply for the Indian Visa rather easily if you have all of the necessary paperwork prepared, are eligible for the visa, and are applying at least 4–7 days before your flight or the date you want to enter the country. The application form is really easy to understand. There shouldn't be any issues with applying for and receiving the Indian visa. However, you should contact us at the Indian eVisa Support & Help Desk for assistance and direction if you need any explanations. The majority of your questions ought to be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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