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India Medical Visa

You will require an Indian Medical Visa to visit India for medical care. You can start the process online if you're unaware of how to apply for an Indian medical visa. The best approach to avoid dense paperwork and ambiguous questionnaires is to do this. Before applying, it's crucial to keep a few suggestions in mind. Please read these inquiries to know more about the Indian Medical eVisa if you plan to travel to India for medical treatment.

What is the Indian Medical Visa?

All travellers who intend to travel to India for medical treatment are granted entry with an electronic travel document known as an Indian medical visa. An Indian medical establishment must authorize this document, which is solely valid for medical purposes. After receiving their medical visa, candidates will have sixty days to stay in India, with the option of returning three or more times. We are here to give the extensive paperwork procedure because we recognize how challenging it can be to obtain your document, given Indian Medical eVisa.

It is highly recommended that medical patients obtain an Indian Electronic Visa (eVisa) for medical treatment. It is because eVisas are expeditious, user-friendly, and straightforward to obtain. All medical patients need to do is adhere to three straightforward steps:

In conclusion, there is no need to travel to the Indian Embassy, navigate complex procedures, or arrange a meeting with the Indian Consulate General.

Required Documents

In order to apply for an Indian Medical eVisa, certain documents, also referred to as the Indian Medical visa requirements, need to be completed. Some of the documents that are required for an Indian Medical Treatment eVisa are:

  • A valid passport
  • Passport-type photograph
  • Appointment letter from the hospital
  • An email address

Processing Time

After you submit your application, you will receive an email with your eVisa. Within 48 to 72 hours of business, foreigners could expect to obtain their electronic visas. You might have to wait slightly longer due to strong demand and secondary restrictions.

Indian Medical Visa Eligibility

Regrettably, not everyone can apply for an Medical Visa in India. For instance, people with official or diplomatic passes, laissez-passer passports, or international travel documents (ITDs) cannot apply for eVisas in India. The conditions and prerequisites for obtaining an Indian Medical Treatment eVisa are listed below:

  • To apply for an eVisa, only regular passport holders are eligible.
  • There must be at least two vacant pages for travellers.
  • It would help if you had a valid passport for at least six months of expiry.
  • Using an eVisa, you are limited to three entries into India.
  • You cannot renew an electronic visa.
  • Changing an medical visa into an business or medical attendant visa is impossible.
  • eVisas cannot be used to enter prohibited or protected locations.
  • An medical visa is valid for up to 60 days starting from arrival.

A medical visa is granted to a foreign national with the express purpose of allowing them to receive treatment in an Indian hospital or treatment facility that is reputable, accredited, or specialized. The cases of the five foreign nationals will also be considered if they want medical care through the Indian system.

In the format specified on the official email ID of the appropriate Indian Mission/Post, the hospital authorities should send the documents they have issued, such as medical invitation letters, appointment letters, etc.

In the forms given to the pertinent FRRO/FRO, they shall also give foreign nationals (Patients/Attendees) letters for extending visas and registering, respectively.

Validity of the Medical Visa

The validity of the Indian Medical Visa is 60 days from the date of arrival. The Indian Medical Visa is a type of visa that is a Triple Entry visa.

How long may someone with an Medical visa stay in India?

Medical Visas for India are sent to the applicant's email address upon approval. The holder of a medical visa for India can stay there for 60 days starting on arrival. A valid medical visa holder is permitted to travel to India three times per year. The holder of each Medical visa India would be permitted to remain in India for 60 days, enabling them to receive medical care,if necessary, apply for another electronic visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to secure an Indian medical visa online, you must apply on our website, present medical documentation showing the type of treatment you want, obtain an invitation from a respected facility, and complete all other requirements.

Most Indian medical visas, let you stay for as long as you need to, usually up to a year, but you can come and go a few times depending on your health and the advice of the hospital you're going to.

You won't be able to seek medical treatment if you're travelling on a tourist visa, but if you have an emergency or just need something simple, you might be able to get it in India. If you require extensive medical treatment, it is best to obtain a medical visa so that you can receive the care you require without any legal complications.

Yes, you can extend your Indian medical visa online if your treatment requires more time than the visa's initial validity period. You can apply to FRRO for an extension of your Indian medical visa.

Individuals in India are granted medical visas in order to receive medical treatment. These visas must be obtained from an approved hospital and are valid for up to a year or the duration of the treatment. The visa's validity period is determined by the hospital's advice and the patient's present condition.