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Indian Visa For Canada Citizens


India is a place where every tourist wants to travel to every part of the destination. The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as awe-inspiring architecture, bustling streets, and awe-inspiring architecture. Even you can explore the best and most tasty cuisine. Furthermore, you will find amazing people from all over India with diverse spiritual traditions and cultures.

And if we talk, its economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Suppose you are a Canadian citizen planning to explore and make a dream trip to India. In that case, you will require an Indian visa to enter the country, and this page will give you all the details you need to decide wisely on your application. We'll provide you with the most recent information on Indian visa applications, the documents, and how to travel to India.

What Is the Indian eVisa for Canadian Citizens?

The eVisa for Canada is a digital travel authorization for passport holders. By using this method, Canadian citizens seeking Indian visas can streamline and speed up the application process. In order to apply, you only need to submit a form online along with an email containing your contact information. There is no longer a requirement to go and wait in a long line in the Indian embassy for your visa. Indian eVisa for Canadian citizens can directly apply for different Indian e-Visas by using our website page.

Tourist Visa

Citizens of Canada can travel to India for vacations with Tourist e-Visa. While a visitor visa to India from Canada where they find peace and relaxation activities are permitted. However, it restricted Canadians from doing paid jobs or business with this visa.

Business Visa

Canadian citizens can go to India for business purposes. It also permits a variety of business-related activities, such as attending conferences, opening up new businesses in the nation, and hiring employees.

Medical Visa

The e-Medical Patient Visa and the e-Medical Attendant Visa are the two different forms of Indian Medical e-Visas available to Canadian citizens. The first one permits Canadians to visit India for medical care. Additionally, you may gain access to up to two travelling buddies. Usually, the patient travels with friends or family members.

Documents Required

It takes just a few documents for travellers from Canada to apply for an online visa, and we will handle most of the paperwork for them. Here is what you need:

  • Digital photo of yourself
  • Valid Passport
  • A scanned passport
  • Means of payment credit/debit card

Photo Requirements

  • You must have equal width and height for the photo.
  • It must display a picture of your entire face from the front, with both of your eyes open.
  • The face of the applicant shall be centered.
  • It should have a basic, translucent, or white background.
  • There are no shadows on the background or the face.
  • Please upload a borderless version of your photo.


  • Firstly, search our website eVisa India
  • Go through every page which types of visa you required
  • Afterwards, click on the “Apply Now” button for India visa online from Canada
  • Fill out the online Indian visa application form for Canadian citizen
  • Then submit your relevant document
  • Done payment by credit/debit card
  • Wait for approval for visa

Application Procedure

Canadian citizens must complete a simple online application form to obtain an India e-Visa. This procedure is easy to follow and doesn't take too long. The processes that Canadian applicants must take are as follows:

  • Upload personal
  • Passport and contact information
  • Upload the required supporting documents
  • Credit or debit cards are accepted

Validity Period

If we talk about validity for an Indian visa, it completely depends on what type of visa you are applying for it.

Frequently asked questions

Undoubtedly, Canadian nationals require visas. To enter India, you must have the document.

Through our website, Canadian citizens can now online apply for Indian visas. For several uses, including travel, business travel, and medical exams, this eVisa offers a quick and easy application process.

It entirely depends on which types of visas you're applying. But for the information, you can visit the visa for Indian eVisa fees for Canadian citizens page, where you will find all the data according to your visas, including business, tourism or medical visas.

For the latest update, India's Minister of External Affairs has confirmed that all categories of visas are stopped for Canadian citizens. It is advised to check the official website for the most up-to-date details on the availability of eVisas and the conditions for Canadian citizens.

Applying for an eVisa online is possible, providing a more efficient and straightforward application process. Whereas a regular visa usually necessitates a more complex and lengthy application process, you have to wait in a long line in an embassy office for a visa process. And if we talk about, eVisas are issued to citizens of eligible countries for purposes such as tourism, business or medical purposes. On the other hand, regular visas are issued for various purposes, including work, study and long-term residence, and may necessitate additional documentation and procedures.

Firstly, visit our website page to get to apply now option. You should know what type of visa you are using and have other visa policies and procedures. Therefore, you should always check our website for up-to-date, correct information.

Of course, you can issue or apply online eVisa in several countries. The visa application process makes it more convenient for qualified applicants by enabling the process to be completed online. However, each country has specific requirements for eVisa eligibility and application procedures, so it's important to check websites to ensure you have access to the most recent and accurate information.