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Indian Visa For Belgian Citizens

More than 160+ countries citizens have had access to the electronic visa application process for years in order to get visas to India. Now, this procedure is accessible to Belgian people, and there is no longer a requirement to travel to the Embassy in order to wait in long lines for a visa to be stamped on a passport. Instead, the procedure can now be finished online by using our website page. An overview of the procedure for Belgian people to obtain an Indian Visa from Belgium will be provided on this page.

Document and Eligibility

  • Passport size photos
  • Passport with a 6-month validity
  • Debit/credit card
  • Email address
  • When the visit is for relaxation, medical care or a business trip
  • Passport with validity for at least six months with two blank pages.
  • Passports endorsed by a parent's or spouse's are not eligible; instead, each individual must have their own.


  • Visit our website page
  • Then click the Apply Now button
  • Fill out the application form
  • Add your relevant personal details
  • Submit your form with all relevant documents
  • Confirm your payment by credit/debit card
  • And wait for the approval process

Application Procedure

  • You must complete a brief e-Visa Application from Belgium and attach a photo and a
  • Copy of your passport
  • Completing the form,
  • Pay the eVisa fees online.
  • Then, wait for approval visa
  • When visiting India, bring your eVisa.

Types of Indian eVisa

Purpose of travel

  • Organizing tours
  • Participation in exhibitions, trade shows, and business expos
  • Travelling and having fun
  • Self-Health care in the short term
  • Yoga program for a limited time
  • To find jobs
  • To launch an industrial or commercial venture

Is a visa required for holders of Belgian passports to enter India?

Before travelling to India, all foreigners must get a visa. Belgian citizens can apply for any one of the numerous categories offered by the Indian eVisas program, depending on the purpose of their trip. Visitors from Belgium may also apply for an India tourist visa for Belgium citizens, Business eVisa or a Medical eVisa, depending on whether they intend to travel there for medical treatment. Visitors should carefully consider all possible visa types before starting the application process because each one has specific Indian Visa Requirements for Belgian Citizens that must be completed. If we talk about Belgian nationals are not required to obtain a visa in order to travel there for a brief vacation. But before entering India, they need to get an eTA (eVisa). Our articles have more information on electronic visas.

When would a Belgian citizen be able to obtain an Indian visa?

After the complete application form is submitted, the eVisa will be provided to the applicant through email. If extra paperwork is required to support the information supplied on the initial application form, the application process may take longer.

What services are available to Belgian citizens in relation to the Indian e-Visa?

The following are some benefits of receiving an Indian visa online (eVisa India):

  • Belgian citizens may be able to apply for an online India visa with a validity period of up to 5 years, depending on the type of visa they choose.
  • Belgium citizens' Indian visas are valid for multiple entries.
  • Belgian citizens can enter India continuously and unhindered for 90 days with the use of an eVisa India (Indian Visa Online).
  • Instead of using land-based immigration checks, road passengers can use India Visa Online at 29 airports and 5 seaports.
  • This India Visa Online enables travel throughout all of India's States and Union Territories.
  • Belgian citizens can obtain an Indian visa online for travel, business, and medical purposes.

What restrictions apply to Belgian citizens using an Indian e-Visa?

There are several limitations when using Indian Visa Online for Belgian citizens. This includes being prohibited from engaging in long-term paid work on the site, filmmaking, journalism, or pursuing further education in India. In addition, entry into military and cantonment sites is prohibited and necessitates a separate government authorization.

Policy for Belgium citizens

  • The purpose of the trip is leisure travel, medical care, or a quick business trip.
  • Passports with validity for at least six months have two blank pages.
  • The traveller must have a ticket for their return or their next destination.
  • Individuals endorsed on a parent's or spouse's passport are not eligible; instead, each person needs their passport.

Frequently asked questions

The following steps must be followed if you want to obtain an Indian visa in Belgium: visit the website, complete the application, get the necessary documentation, and pay. After that, you can wait for your visa to be processed and submit your application at our website.

Of course, Belgian citizens can apply for visas online. The procedures and eligibility guidelines can change depending on the nation you're visiting. Check their websites for the most up-to-date information on online visa applications and requirements.

Online visa processing for India typically takes 5-6 business days. Still, it may take longer based on the type of visa you're looking for and the volume of applications you submit without any mistakes. If you want to receive your visa quickly, you should apply before your trip.

The most effective method for obtaining an Indian visa is to apply online through websites. To submit a proper visa application, ensure you attach to the guidelines on our websites.

It may take some time to obtain an Indian visa, depending on the kind and the length of the application procedure. Getting a visa takes 5-6 business days, but for an additional charge, you can receive one more quickly. It's best to apply well before your planned trip to ensure you receive your visa on schedule.