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Indian Visa For Austrian Citizens

Since 2014, the Indian Government has been providing an online application form for Austrian citizens and passport holders to apply for the Indian Visa. This Visa allows travellers from various countries to enter India for short-term stays. There are five main categories of Indian eVisa for citizens of Austria to choose from, including Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Medical Visit, and Medical Visit Visa. Austrian citizens who are travelling to India for any purposes, sightseeing, meeting friends or relatives, short-term programs or courses with a duration of fewer than six months can apply for an evisa with a validity of either three months (2 entries), one year, or five years (multiple entries under two duration of Visa).

Document Required

  • Passport with 6-month validity before expires
  • Applicant's photo
  • Debit/credit card
  • Email address
Austria To India Country Flag Image | Indian eVisa for Austria Citizens

Photo Requirement

  • The candidate should be face in the middle.
  • The entire face should be seen.
  • There is no blurry image, and it must be focused.

Applied online

This website allows Austrian citizens to apply online for an Indian visa and receive it via email. The application process is very straightforward for Austrian citizens. All that is required is an email id and payment for eVisa fees for India from Austria will be done by a Credit/Debit Card. An Indian eVisa is a valid document that authorizes entry into and transit through India.

Application Procedure

  • Complete online eVisa applications
  • submit your documents
  • Confirm payment
  • Wait for process
  • Received approved visa


  • Register for an eVisa in India.
  • An eVisa program in India allows Austrians to enter the country more quickly.

eVisa Requirements

Here are following eVisa for Austria requirements

  • Apply for India eVisa online from our website
  • For arrivals by plane and cruise ship, an eVisa is required.
  • You can get an India visa for one month, one year, or five years.
  • It requires a 12-month business visa.
  • Medical visas can be applied for online.

How long does it take to complete online forms for Austrian citizens?

Normally, this procedure takes 48-72 hours. Through the use of an online application form, Austrian people can get an Indian visa in a rather short amount of time. Depending on the type of Visa used, more information can be sent after payment through email or uploaded later.

Is the eVisa India expected to be available to Austrian citizens soon?

Indian eVisa for Austria citizens can apply for it. At least four days before the planned departure date, one should apply for an India visa. The eVisa India can be printed out, stored on a mobile device, and brought in person to the airport once it has been obtained via email.

Can Austrian citizens enter India without an eVisa?

No, Austrian citizens cannot enter India without an eVisa. All foreign travellers are required to obtain a visa before arriving in India, according to information published by the Indian government. To obtain an eVisa in India, Austrian travellers must apply online on our website. A traveller must fulfil the following requirements to be qualified for an eVisa:

  • Having a valid email address
  • Using a payment by debit or credit card
  • A valid passport

Can Austrians apply for an Indian visa at any time?

As long as your trip takes place within the following 1 year, you can apply for an electronic visa to India as well as an Indian visa from Austria at any time.

Frequently asked questions

If you're an Austrian citizen, you can apply for an Indian eVisa and plan a quick trip to India. You could visit India for a pre-planned eVisa without obtaining a formal visa. It's crucial to remember that eVisa policies and procedures are subject to change, so be sure to visit our website for the most recent information.

Visa denial rates can vary from time to time due to various factors, such as policy changes and unique circumstances. However, we cannot provide you with an exact figure. The pricing for travel from Austria to India may vary according to the type of visa you're requesting, your possibilities, and the status of your application.

To obtain an Indian eVisa from Austria, follow a few steps and apply through our website.

Austrian nationals may be able to settle in India, but for this to happen, they will typically need to obtain a Long-Term Visa or Permanent Resident visa.

Generally speaking, Indian eVisa applications take 5-6 business days for processing time, but this can change based on the type of Visa you are applying for. It is advised that applicants submit their eVisa before the date they want to travel.

It is advised to submit an Indian visa application online through our website. To ensure your visa application is done accurately and quickly.