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Indian Visa For French Citizens

Indian visa for French citizens have been available online. With this visa, you can stay for short/ long term periods like tourist, study, yoga program, and short-term courses. Those who want to explore the rich heritage and culture in every part of the state of India can apply for an Indian electronic visa (eVisa) from our website, where our dedicated team will help you in every step of the online procedure.

About the Indian visa from France

India is a place that people come from around the world and want to visit once in their life. India is the kind of place where you will find rich culture, heritage, different religions, and taste of foods. In India, where you will find chanting sounds of mantras on the temple path or even in ghats of Varanasi.

Indian eVisa is the only source for French citizens to enter India for tourism, business, study, long/short-term visits, and medical purposes. It is very convenient to apply for a visa, which can be obtained online.

Types of Indian visa for France citizens

Here are the following types of Indian visas from France:

Tourist eVisa for India

  • 1 month/ 1 or 5 years
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Double and Multiple-entry

Business eVisa for India

  • 1 year
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Multiple entry

Medical eVisa for India

  • Valid for 60 days
  • 48–72 hours for processing
  • Triple entry

Medical Attendant eVisa for India

  • Valid for 60 days
  • 48-72 hours for processing.

How do I apply for an Indian visa for French citizens?

You can apply for an Indian visa from France with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you have to apply for an Indian online visa.
  • Fill out the application form with all relevant information.
  • Submit online document.
  • After submitting documents, you have to pay visa fees on a credit/debit card.
  • Then, wait for visa approval, or you can even check your visa status on our website page.

What documents do I need for an Indian visa for French citizens?

An Indian visa for French citizens requires the following documents:

  • You will need a passport that has been in good shape for at least six months and has at least two blank pages.
  • Fill out the visa application form, take several recent passport-sized photos, present proof of your travel, provide information about where you'll be staying, and ensure you have enough money to cover your expenses.
  • Depending on the type of visa and the reason for your visit, you may be required to carry a letter, travel insurance, proof of your work or school, and a medical certificate.

Eligibility criteria of an Indian visa for French citizens

  • Every French citizen can apply for an Indian visa.
  • French citizens can enjoy the Indian eVisa program.
  • Must valid passport and have proper documents.
  • And passport-size photos with a blank background.
  • Valid email ID.
  • No criminal records.
  • Must have financial, accommodation, and travel proof.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding Indian eVisa, you can email us anytime without facing hassle in visa applications.

How much is the visa fee for India for France citizens?

The fee for obtaining an Indian visa for French citizens varies based on the type of visa requested and the duration of stay desired. Fees vary depending on the type of visa, such as tourist, business, or student, and also be charged for service or other fees. If you want to learn more about the application process or facing any problems in the procedure, you can contact us and our team will help you to resolve your problem anytime.

Do I need a visa to travel to India from France?

Of course, French citizens are required a visa to travel to India. With the following requirement, you must fill out the application form and submit the relevant documents with visa fee payment done by credit/debit card.

How long does it take to get a visa for India in France?

If we talk about an Indian visa from France, it will take around 48–72 hours to complete the procedure. Particularly, the time depends on some factors, including the type of visa being applied for, completeness, and current demand, though this schedule is subject to change.

How can I get an Indian visa from France?

There are a lot of steps and procedures, but on our website, you will get the easiest way for an Indian eVisa. Just click on the apply button, fill out the application form, submit relevant documents with visa fees by credit/debit card, and wait for approval. Within 48–72 hours, you will get an Indian visa for French citizens.

What is the easiest way to get an Indian visa for French citizens?

The easiest way to get an Indian visa is just to apply, submit documents, pay visa fees, and wait for visa approval within 48–72 hours you get an Indian visa from France. Obtaining an Indian visa can be simple or difficult, depending on the sort of visa you're looking for, how well you follow the application criteria, and how well-prepared you are for your situation. Typically, Indian eVisa requirements from France when applying for a tourist or business visa. However, the easiness of the process can be influenced by factors such as changing visa laws, the amount of paperwork you have, and any unanticipated complications that arise during the process. Keeping up with the current regulations, double-checking your papers, and adhering to the guidelines can all contribute to a smooth visa application process.

Where do I apply for a visa to India?

Only you can apply for an Indian online visa through our website with easy steps. Also, depending on the sort of visa you're looking for, how well you follow the application criteria, and how well-prepared for your situation. Fill out an application form, submit relevant documents, and pay visa fees when applying for a tourist, business, or other visa. Please remember always to update yourself with the current regulations, double-check your papers before submission, and attach them as per guidelines for a smooth visa application process.

Frequently asked questions

Of course, you can get an online visa only through our website page.

French citizens can pay Indian visa fees online only through credit/debit cards.

You can’t wait for the last minute or day for the renewal process. It will take a lot of time to gather all relevant documents and submission process. Before your current visa expires, you must renew for at least three months before your new visa expires.

Please only complete the application form in English.

  • Errors in Applications
  • Not Fulfilling Requirements
  • Providing Fake Documents